Before the mobile app-game, BetterMood, it was never so easy to enhance your state of mind! BetterMood is a fascinating, highly gamified coaching app with interactive play that will train you to manage your mood and help develop your frame of mind.



BetterMood is highly original in its employment of gaming to enhance a user’s mood. It is a modern-coaching-based mobile application which aims to train each individual user to control his/her mood, and thereby improve personal efficiency and happiness.


In BetterMood, we’ve combined modern psychology, meditation and motivational coaching for sustainable and positive emotional improvement.


We’ve developed unique, constructive games meant to boost your mood. These games are not for passing the time, but for building emotional and mental strength and leaving users feeling more positive and energized.


A user only needs to devote ten minutes per day to improve his/her mood and create sustainable, positive thoughts through play.

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Launch Summer 2017