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Who We Are

About GoodMood Corporation

GoodMood Corporation develops positively stimulating apps and games for smart phones, tablets and computers, which help to sustainably improve your mood and personal well-being. Furthermore, you will receive inspiration for shaping your daily life with more happiness and harmony.

Our Goal

We have made the very modest decision to make one million people happier! Our ultimate goal is to help the users of our apps and games lead happier and more tranquil lives, guiding them to let go of any fears, worries or negative thoughts.

Our Mission

GoodMood Corporation aspires to contribute to a positive and peaceful personal development in humans. Social and ecological engagement, as well as transparency lies at the center of our business model.

Our Tools

Throughout the development and design of our games and apps, not only do the principles of the ancient theory of harmony come into play, but also the knowledge of modern psychology, meditation and "positive personal coaching". We also use our own longstanding experience and insight to develop the best ideas possible for development of a lasting positive personality.

Foolproof Usage

Just 10 minutes of "play" on our BetterMood App/Game (BM) every day is enough to teach you how to improve your mood, generate positive thoughts and emotions, and free yourself from stress, fears and worries.

Public Benefit Corporation –
Customer Benefit Before Profit

Our success as an enterprise is not measured by whether or how much revenue we generate, but rather by the benefits we are able to provide our customers and environment. Thus, we have established GoodMood Corporation in the form of an American "Public Benefit Corporation".

While it is still a commercial enterprise, our corporate strategy is primarily subordinated to the common good - and not to the profit of the shareholders. Meaning: first comes the customer's well-being, and then comes the profit.

GoodMood Corporation will donate 5% of its annual net turnover to projects or organizations dedicated to: Education, Personality development, Equal rights, Lasting improvement of education, Demeter (biological-dynamic) agriculture, or to our own charity projects. Striving to promote a positive and productive influence on society, positive personality development and love as well as more harmony and understanding is therefore one of our company’s legally-defined goals. In our annual reports, we will disclose to what extent we were able to implement these goals and plans.

That is what our name stands for: GoodMood PBC.

"Make Our World a Better Place"

We face the challenge of making our planet a better, more viable place to live on, supporting others positively and sustainably in their own personal development. The goal is: more harmony. We quite simply want to encourage people to help others.

The health of the ecosystem, as well as the integrity of our life systems, are major concerns for us. We are also committed beyond our obligation as a business to the human need for more peace, positive individual development, a more peaceful coexistence and healthier environment.

Our History

In Brief

The idea for GoodMood Corporation came to life in the spring of 2016. We, Olga and Armin, had the idea to develop an internet tool able to help as many people as possible improve their mood and share it with others. This is because a good mood can be acquired and trained!


In order to attain the background knowledge needed, we took online courses at various American universities. These courses included game design, gamification, internet marketing, modern coaching, and positive psychology.


The range of gaming apps today is endless. There is nothing that does not exist. However, it is mostly to do with solving different levels alone or in a community, building something that someone else then destroys or monotonously collecting, destroying, or ordering things. Depending on your point of view, these apps are either a veritable pastime or a complete waste of time. What they are not able to do is permanently influence the user in a positive way. We want to counter this.

Our Idea

Our idea is to develop practical apps and online games that have a lasting positive impact on the player. Games and applications that the user not only plays to pass time, but also because they experience positive feelings and happiness while playing - games which can also have a lasting, positive impact on the player and his or her life.

The Reality

We had many creative ideas, and spent days and weeks working on them meticulously, only to realize that it was not the right way to go. But we did not allow ourselves be discouraged by this, and we ultimately created something that is the first of its kind on the market!

The Inspiration

By chance - or rather by diligence, consistency and life experience - we came up with the inspiring idea for BetterMood: With this app, we merge the advantages of progressive apps with the advantages of dynamic online games. Furthermore, you receive "real" rewards in the form of inspiring yet aesthetically pleasing good-mood videos to improve your frame of mind.

The Implementation

Then came the implementation and programming. At this time, autumn 2016, we cannot afford a large office or employees, such as programmers, designers or illustrators. Unfortunately, our budget does not (yet) cover this. In order to be able to implement our idea fully, we took online programming courses. However, we realized very quickly that this route would be a very, very long and tedious one. So we looked for other solutions.

The Magic Word is “Outsourcing”

The fantastic world of the Internet today offers wonderful and virtually unlimited possibilities. You are connected to almost everything and everyone around the world, it’s all just a blink of the eye away: from online university courses, specialists, expert knowledge and studies to the mediators of these resources - why not take advantage of them all?


During the course of our extensive research, we encountered platforms such as "Upwork", "Freelancer" and "Money Per Hour", where we were able to find just the specialists we need to carry out our project. Admittedly, it is not always straightforward to find and select the right companies, partners or freelancers. The process requires a lot of time and research, as well as conversations on Skype. A significant amount of knowledge of human nature as well as life and work experience is also needed.


Our business partners are currently located in the U.S., England, Poland, India, Ukraine, Germany, Thailand and Japan.


We are convinced that success does not happen by accident, but is the result of hard work, innovative ideas, endurance, diligence and experience. For this very reason we spend six days a week from morning until often late into the evening hours in our 14 m2 home office, working on our first gaming app, BetterMood, and running our small business. Only the Sunday afternoons are devoted to relaxation: a workout in a gym and spa, just to switch off, relax and recharge our creative reserves.

Company USA - Public Benefit Corporation

We chose the location of our company to be in the USA for several reasons. The U.S. offers both companies and start-ups (like us) the optimal conditions and infrastructures. They encourage entrepreneurs and innovation. American companies are world leaders in many areas, especially in the software sector. There is no other country where the investment landscape is as helpful and progressively trained as in the U.S.


And that is especially important to us. America offers the corporate arrangement of a public benefit corporation. For us profit is not the first priority, but rather we want to provide our customers and the environment with real benefits. We want to make a difference through our games and apps. Our first and foremost company strategy is based on the gain and well-being of our customers and the environment, not on the profit. Meaning: first comes the customer's well-being, and then comes the profit.

Our Goal

Our goal is to one day have our own small office building in Silicon Valley or Seattle, and to offer many people a modern, peaceful and creative workplace. We dream of employing our own programmers, designers, illustrators, psychologists and scientists, and of developing games and applications that will help many people on our wonderful blue planet to become happier.

Our Special Thanks

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, including friends, experts, teachers and professors who shared their knowledge and experience in the form of online courses and specialist books, thus enabling us to present our first development of our gaming app.


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Online Courses

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Character Design for Video Games
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